The combination of creative vision and technical know how. From concept to completion of a finished video piece to the design and production of stunning live event video, Mindpool is a true video production company. Where other companies may try to be all things to everyone we understand the importance of having an expert as your video production partner both in the field and in house.

Live Production

Palladia, Beastie Boys, Dropkick Murphys, Tina Turner, and the Foo Fighters are just a few of our clients.

Video Content

Over two decades creating videos for brands, events, music videos, documentaries, feature films and more.


Indoor or outdoor LED video screens and set pieces to elevate your show or presentation to the next level.

Video Projection

Cutting edge professional projectors and screens capable of displaying video for any size venue.

Camera Systems

From single camera packages to multi-camera switched systems, we have the tools and the expertise.

Post Production

Video editing and motion graphics. Mindpool is a highly creative and technical post-production solution.