Learn more about Mindpool Live’s LED video walls

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Mindpool Live LED Video Wall Demo

Mindpool Live provides LED video walls in any configuration for a wide variety of corporate events and concerts including custom designs.  For booking info, a quote, or design request please email or call.

Theatrixx 6mm xVision Touring

Mindpool Live’s xVision has created a completely new standard for touring and commercial LED video display systems. Theatrixx’s market-leading features are the product of extensive customer feedback and many years of LED video experience. With its high brightness, fast and safety-certified rigging system, smart power and data connections, easy access for field maintenance, full IP65 rating, powerful yet ultra-quiet cooling, and interchangeable modules (regardless of pixel pitch). xVision raises the bar to new levels for the entire industry.  This modular LED product is a valuable tool for large scale presentations in indoor or outdoor environments. Mindpool’s xVision 6.4mm Touring by Theatrixx features black face LEDs, providing superior contrast for color critical situations and low ambient light reflectivity in outdoor situations.

Barco c8v Virtual 8mm LED

Mindpool Live’s c8v LED has a thin and light weight design allowing for easy handling in an IP66 all weather fanless enclosure.  The panels can withstand challenging environments and thrive in situations where the sun is hitting the screen directly.  At 8,000 nits, The Barco c8v will punch through any daylight condition, even the most direct sun.  With a visible or “virtual” resolution of 8mm this is a workforce product for IMAG and digital information signage at large events and festivals.  With a maximum power consumption of 53 watts per panel the c8v is a very environmentally friendly product.